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True North Training is awesome! My boyfriend and I have been members for a few years now. Coach Mike does a great job with the programming. (All of the coaches rock!) The gym is constantly being updated with new equipment. We all ways feel challenged. Great community!
— Lauren Grummel
Awesome place to do Crossfit. They keep changing the place around so the place doesn’t seem repetitive. The staff and the coaches are nice and very competent at what they do; they are very helpful and do a great job building community. The people that go there too are very nice and inclusive; there is definitely a good vibe when you’re working out together. Another reason to go is to play with their cute dog Melo :)
— Jorge Chen
True North Training provides a friendly and down-to-earth environment with extremely knowledgeable and passionate coaches.

I started CrossFit a few weeks ago and was hesitant when signing up. But after my first Foundations class, I was really excited to begin and felt comfortable after learning the basics with Coach Mike. The hour-long workouts are fast paced and challenging and will make you sweat. But they are also really fun and cater to all different levels of experience. So don’t worry!

There are three fantastic coaches - Coach Mike, Coach Josh, and Coach Kai - who are encouraging and will always make sure you know exactly what you are doing. They are also so accommodating in regards to injuries or any specific needs. Lastly, its a great place to meet new people.

I highly recommend coming in and checking out this facility!
— Lyssa M
True North Training is one of the best boxes I have ever worked out in. Head coaches Mike Reynolds and Josh Martinez are not only incredibly knowledgable and very technical in their coaching and programming - but are also two of the most humble and friendly men you will ever come across in the fitness industry.

The culture of openness and encouragement these two young owners have been able to create at True North Training is testament to this - with everyone from season vets to fresh faces to the world of CrossFit receiving the same level of attention, encouragement and challenge in every workout. Combined with an ever growing arsenal of first-class CrossFit and strongman style racks, bars, weights and equipment - you would be hard pressed to find a better gym in NYC.

Compliments to head coaches Josh and Mike who (with the added help and humility Coach Kyle Otto) have managed to create a space at True North Training where everyone feels welcome and able to improve themselves one workout at a time.
— Nathan Sim
True North Training is more than just a gym or a “box”. The level of training and coaching is of the highest standards. The staff is friendly, supportive, and highly trained. The experience is unique to each member; you DO NOT have to be in shape or fit to do CrossFit GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Mike and Josh will help you achieve your fitness goals and the community of members will motivate and support your journey as well. Cannot stress enough how wonderful this experience has been for me, I want to empower others to take the same steps and achieve a lifetime transformation!
— Michel Montalvo
If you’re looking for a box that’s constantly upgrading equipment, cares about your safety and progress, and fosters one of the best communities in the area – this is your place!

The coaches/owners are happy to answer any questions and provide recommendations for supplemental work on top of your daily WOD. They are ALWAYS cleaning and making sure the space and equipment stays in great shape. That means no nasty dead skin in your face during burpees!

Dog friendly, jerk blocks, Rogue equipment, heavy sand bags, tires, views of NYC – What really more could you want?

Also, they’re recently changed owners, rebranded and acquired some talented coaches. If you haven’t been lately, give it another try and thank me later.
— Caroline Keim
Great community, coaching and programming! The warehouse space is amazing, complimented with stunning views of the city from the top of their 20ft ropes lol. Oh yeah, it’s dog friendly; wait till you meet Melo!!!

The owners (Josh and Mike) love for their craft, the community and gym really shine through in many ways. The gym is extremely CLEAN, the classes are extremely safe, coaches are super attentive and welcoming. The gym is constantly being updated with new equipment, you can tell that these guys put everything back in to the gym, which give the members a true sense of pride.

The community here is next level! Everyone gets along, everyone welcomes someone new, everyone is growing together as well as individually.

If you have fitness or life goals, I highly suggest coming in to have a chat with a coach, or even a member. I think you’d be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy this training methodology.
— Andy T.