Foundations Portal



You’ve decided to move forward with us at True North Training. What better way to start then to build a solid Foundation! The intent of Foundations is to provide you with an introduction to our movement and fitness philosophy while preparing you for intense, dynamic, and supported programming. In order to ensure your safety and success with us, it is imperative to learn the fundamental exercises. Foundations will focus on developing technique and understanding how to scale the movements for your current capacity. Don’t worry if you’ve never done any of this stuff before! We start from scratch and gradually build up. All we ask is that you stay dedicated to your development, remain open to coaching, and have some fun in the process.



Upon completion of Foundations, your instructor will advise you on your next step out of the following options:

1.     Athlete demonstrates proficiency in the key lifts/movements and is cleared to join group classes.

2.     Athlete demonstrates some proficiency in the key lifts/movements but requires X number of additional private training sessions prior to being cleared for group classes.

3.     Athlete does not demonstrate proficiency in the key lifts/moments and/or has orthopedic or mobility limitations that require 1-1 private training sessions for an extended period of time.

Upon completion of Foundations, we don’t expect you to be an expert in all the movements and certainly don’t need to you to all of a sudden have developed into a strong, fast, and powerful athlete… that’s what group classes are for! By “proficiency,” we simply mean that you can be coached into safe positions while taking group classes.


  • Completion of all 4 sessions is mandatory prior to being cleared for group classes. *Must become an active member within 21 days of completing foundations or after that timeline you must register for a 5th class foundations to be eligible to take classes.

  • Foundations must be completed within 21 days of start date, outside of this timeline an additional $50 will be added per session.

  • Cancellation/Rescheduling of a session within 24 hours of the agreed date/time will result in $50 rescheduling fee.

  • Cancellation of the complete Foundation sessions is non-refundable.